About Me

Who's this mysterious woman?
That's me, Bev Wooff, more known to the community as Rexy. At the time of my joining on the site I am a sophomore student at Liverpool Hope University (United Kingdom). Most people know me for a fair amount of things in this community - reviews at VGMix from about 2 years back, currently an editorial writer for ThaSauce, running a Dragon Quest project on OCR, just plainly being the rarity of a female in the interweb... the list is almost endless. A stylistic trait in my mix is that the use of piano - or a similar keyed instrument - is used in everything I do, so it's fair that my solo works will be brought up here for everyone to see.

You can play piano? How??
It happens. When I began education, I started off with a couple of toy instruments when I was younger, notably a small guitar (which my parents said I didn't show any interest in for some reason) and a casio keyboard. After enjoying the latter instrument imensely, it was then that my parents suggested me to take up some piano lessons when I was eight years old, which were funded by the primary school I went to. These lessons persisted from then until I left the school (just before I turned 11), leaving me as a confident grade 3 player upon departure.
It wasn't until the middle of Year 8 (12 years old) when I started to face a breakdown with another activity I did outside of school time - the girl scouts. I opted to do that to take some time off my shoulders every Tuesday night, but with some of the events that they did not being what I was expecting of them these days I was on the urge to quit. That was when my parents then suggested me to take some interest in piano lessons once more. One of my mother's old work partners had a brother who was a private music tutor, so she hooked me up with him for some weekly lessons every Saturday. These were different to what I had in my other set of lessons as the first half was dedicated to piano playing as was required, and the second was more dependant on looking at the development of music in a professional studio, where he spanned software such as Acid, eJay, Cakewalk, FL Studio, Reason and some others.
Those lessons came to a stop when I went to University, but while I was there I kept playing with the skills that I had and used it as a regular pasttime between lessons. Being a Music Technology student also helped me in understanding the morales of refining the sounds, which I think has helped me in the shaping of the piano sound from arrangement to arrangement.

That doesn't answer your place here... gaming history?
As a child I was raised on a Sega Genesis and the Gameboy 8-bit models, which soon developed into Game Gear when I was around 9 (technically my dad and one of my uncles owned one each), a PlayStation when I was 11, and moving onto the PS2, Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS in that order within the past 5 years. Most of my passions lead more to action-oriented games, namely stuff like the 2D Sonic titles, the Donkey Kong games, Crash Bandicoot, Kingdom Hearts, Rayman... the list goes on.
Through emulation I also managed to grow more aware of the Nintendo home consoles, where fetishes for games like Metroid, Mario, Dragon Warrior, Kirby, Castlevania, etc. also developed down the line. Since being in the remixing community I've grown more aware to a wider range of games than those that I've been playing as a kid, and that's what I respect them for.

So is making music all you do?
Not necessarily. Often times I also frequent the local gym, as well as spend time with a few drawn and written arts on occasion (hint hint: artwork for Milkyway Wishes) and can get on well with children. I still frequently game too thanks to the might of the consoles that have been shaping me from the turn of the 21st century.