Below are all my solo piano works to date. Have a look around :)

TitleGameOriginal SongMP3Sheet
Tomorrow's WakeSonic & Knuckles (Genesis)Sky Sanctuary Zone
Where Force Stood StillChrono Cross (PS1)Frozen Flame
Tomato RagDragon Quest IV (NES)Town theme
White BountySuper Metroid (SNES)Opening/Ending
Anguished Beyond WordsDragon Quest II (NES)Distant Journey
Uncertain HopeSilent Hill (PS1)Not Tomorrow
The Final ThresholdCrash Twinsanity (PS2/XBox)Level 4 Hub
A Viper in the DistanceGran Turismo [JP] (PS1)Moon Over the Castle
The DoorkeeperIndiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (PC/Mac/Amiga)Biff the Doorman
The Coldest ShoulderMega Man Zero 3 (GBA)Trail on Powdery Snow
Bladiator's Curse (Elegance of Noiram)Double Dragon 3 (NES)Battle with Noiram
The Prodigal StarRistar (Genesis)Ring Rink/Ice Scream
In Father We TrustFantasy Zone (Master System)Ending Theme
Carnegie Maestro BarbieBarbie Vacation Adventure (SNES)Title
Katamari on the RagsKatamari Damacy (PS2)Katamari on the Rocks
Nigga Stole my PianoPunch-Out!! (NES)Password
Ivory NokanaMetal Slug 2 (Neo-Geo)Judgment
To Cyberia and Back againAdventures of Rad Gravity (NES)Main Theme
Stairway to Outer HeavenMetal Gear (NES)Medley
A Bane Grows in BrinstarSuper Metroid (SNES)Brinstar 1 & 2
The Grief Within TrodainDragon Quest VIII (PS2)These Feelings
Fallen EndowmentLegend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)Gerudo Valley
("Falling Back" arrangement by Michael 'Darangen' Boyd)
Once Upon a KoopaSuper Mario Bros 3 (NES)The Evil King Koopa
Marble RelocationSonic the Hedgehog (Genesis)Marble Zone
Schumacher's BarSonic & Knuckles (Genesis)Competition Menu