November 20 2006 - After nearly 20 months of hard work, Project Chaos, a musical project covering the scores of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic & Knuckles, is out! We have 20+ musical artists providing all sorts of work to it, all in a great range of styles to boot. And as someone who was there from the beginning, there was no doubt I'll have stuff from there to put here too.

I actually did three songs for the project, and luckily enough, one of them is another one of my piano solos. Schumacher's Bar covers the competition menu music - not exactly something you'd see given a proper expansion per se, but I thought I'd give it a go with everything I knew about jazz piano at the time of making it (must have been May 2005 when most of the foundations came together). I hope it goes down okay for you guys, and I sincerely hope you enjoy the project just as much as we as a team enjoyed making it. Long live Sonic!

November 1 2006 - I'm back at college for a brand new year. And it actually took me a while to get going as I didn't get my student loan until last Monday (October 23). So it's fair that I spent a lot of time getting adjusted to some new arrangement stuff out here. I can only hope I can fulfil my original promise, providing college work and/or videogames don't get the better of me (getting Disgaea 2 on Friday, OMG OMG OMG). But I'm still happy to take things one step at a time and see what happens.

For now, I made a return to the Dwelling of Duels this month. So much has changed since I last took part including a slight vote change and organisation in the hands of Paragon rather than BornInCrimson. But either way, October 2006 was a Sega theme, and so I managed to throw in "Marble Relocation", which as shown by its name is an arrangement of the Marble Zone theme from the original Sonic. I thought I'd go for a popular choice to see if I still stand a chance at doing that sort of thing. What surprised me was that there were only four Sonic mixes in the competition - 3 proper ones and a medley of some titles mixed in with Thunder Force 4 - but it was still good enough for a tie in 5th place out of 20 entries. I hope you guys enjoy it just as much as the DoD guys ended up doing :)

June 2 2006 - I am home for the summer, and thus, that means that I am out of comission for a fair while when it comes to piano arranging. Come mid September I'll be back in business, and considering it'll be my last year of doing this sort of thing until I actually get a decent wage in a job, I will put in everything I can to make a final stash of arrangements to place sparodically through time. It's my goal next September to double the usual piano quota and cover more games than I can imagine. I might even take a few requests if someone's interested.

Anyway, the main point of this update is to showcase two more additions to the archive. The first track that I want to show you is "Fallen Endowment", covering Gerudo Valley from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. However, this isn't my arrangement; I transcribed Darangen's arrangement "Falling Back" to solo piano, which I thought was a tough task but still very worthwhile. I passed him the MIDI that came out of it for a little birthday gift, and lo and behold he really appreciated it :D He even did the honors in providing an MP3 render with some new samples he collected not long ago, and so I thank him once again for what he did back there. Once again, a happy birthday to Michael Boyd.

The second order of business today is this - the Mario 3 project is up! And that means I am ready to show "Once Upon a Koopa" to the public. It wasn't easy making an arrangement out of a short track like the final battle theme, and to be honest I almost considered to send it to the Dwelling of Duels this month (which this time I'm glad I didn't considering the amount of stuff that came through from other artists), but still I found it to be an enjoyable effort and a worthwhile addition towards the project. God knows what will be the next game project to tackle, but whichever happens I'm all on for it even if I do mine a fair while after the release date.

You may also notice that the Music table has grown. That's because my home has upgraded to a new computer, and a bigger screen. Now I'm writing for the people with the 1024x768 screens in mind, but if anyone is still operating on 800x600, please let me know.

May 18 2006 - So yes, my exams are over (yay!), but that also means that next week I won't be doing piano arrangements for a few months (boo!). However I do have quite the bounty of subs to contribute in the time leading up to my departure from campus. Firstly, the Super Mario Bros 3 project is nearing completion, and I am glad to be working on that well enough. My work is almost finished; just need to find time to do a half decent render. Whichever happens, check it out when clear to see what we have done.

For the time being, I have a new contribution of my own to add, covering "These Feelings" from Dragon Quest VIII on the PS2. Seriously though, I couldn't stop playing it over Easter vacation, and now that I've tackled most of the game to this point (the Dragovian Trials are a pain in the neck tho), I then felt the inspiration to go headway with some coverage for it. "The Grief Within Trodain" is up there for your listening amusement. Thanks very much for your time, and a brief thankyou to Arek the Absolute and Kevin "Lorenzo" Sisk for their collective name suggestions.

April 9 2006 - This page is launched on my server. If you've come this far, then I'm glad you can make it.
Anyway, this is my website. Feel free to look around.